Projects & Commissions

We are very passionate about our ceramic art. We use ceramic art to raise awareness for a number of nonprofit organizations throughout the USA, and to help fund the good works that these organizations undertake in our communities.


We can offer bespoke creations for special projects, auctions, retail or memorial purposes.  If you are interested in discussing an idea or would like us to create a special piece for an event or for your online store, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Here are some of our previous projects:

imoh logo.png

In September 2020 the curator at the IMOH contacted us to ask if we would create one of our Wild Mustang hair pieces to display in the foyer of their museum collection which represents the Spanish Mustangs and their journey from mainland Europe to our shores back in the 16th century. Today, our Captain pot, pictured right, is in their permanent collection at the Smithsonian affiliated, International Museum of the Horse, Lexington, Kentucky, and home of the notorious Kentucky Derby.


This piece was created from wild natural clay from the Currituck area and the Wild Mustang hair used is Captain. Captain was a notorious stallion who roamed the beaches here in Corolla, NC for some 25+ years before finally ending his days at the Corolla Wild Horse Fund facility in August 2019. The fund remembers Captain as "one of the kindest, most gracious stallions any of us ever worked with."

To find out more about the IMOH, click here.

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This organization contacted us to create a collection of special pots that they could use to raise funds and awareness of their organization. Project Horse provides therapy services for individuals, families, and groups. Their clinicians will collaborate to meet treatment goals. Project Horse partners therapy with their horses as it is extremely effective for a variety of challenges today. 

Horses are very effective coaches and teachers, helping facilitate personal growth and change in a fun, engaging way. Our programs, tailored to specific ages, cover a variety of themes such as:

  • mindfulness

  • parenting support

  • summer camps and after-school programs for kids and teens

  • navigating transitions

  • teamwork & leadership

  • customized programs for clinicians and counselors

You can find out more about Project Horse by visiting their website here

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The Marks we Make

This project is one of Michael's passions. It was created to highlight and commemorate those in our local communities who have 'left their mark' for the better, through accomplishments, dedication, hard work, or legacy.

Each of these project subjects is selected by Michael Middleton, if you have someone you wish to be considered please contact us directly with the information.

To view our past The Marks we Make projects, click here.

The Marks we Make (9).png
The Marks we Make (8).png

Since 2009, the Key West Wildlife Center (KWWC) has been part of a concession agreement with the City of Key West to provide rescue, medical care, and adoption services for the feral chickens of Key West. Through this agreement, they have worked to provide the best possible environment for the chickens under their care with an emphasis on nutrition and cleanliness.


The KWWC rescues many sick, orphaned, and injured local chickens as a result of car strikes, respiratory diseases, avian pox, botulism, cock-fighting injuries, broken legs and wing, and eye injuries. Their center focuses on all aspects of optimal nutrition and a clean facility to help rehabilitate the sick and injured birds they rescue. Providing high protein chicken feed and adding fresh produce as a dietary enhancement donated by St. Mary’s Star of the Sea Food Pantry, the KWWC provides medical care to help sick and injured birds get in optimal shape before finding them new homes. To find out more about the KWWC, click here.

This beautifully unique collection is designed to raise awareness for the Key West Wildlife Center and the work they do with these birds to make sure they continue to roam the area freely and be enjoyed for years to come.  Using the same Raku methods as he does with the CWHF wild mustang hair, Michael embellishes each piece with one of the feathers he has collected from these birds on his trips to Key West over the years.

Interested in our current KWWC Collection of feather pots?