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Since 2014, Michael Middleton Ceramics has been using locally-sourced materials to create beautiful, bespoke ceramic art, which supports local charities and organizations.

Michael earned his BFA from ODU and teaches art at a local high school, all while being responsible for one of the largest ceramic programs in the state of Virginia.

In 2019, Michael's art took a turn when he came up with the idea of combining Corolla Wild Mustang hair into the local Currituck clay. Each of his wild horsehair creations is exquisitely unique and displayed in a collection of the Corolla Wild Mustang Museum. Preserving the legend of these majestic wild animals is very important to Michael and the local OBX community.  

Michael's passion for his work and environment is demonstrated in all of his collections. Each piece is made with local materials, or hand-dug and processed local wild clays. During the pandemic, Michael built a wood-fired kiln on his property in Moyock, NC. 

This kiln, when fired, reaches sustained temperatures in excess of 2000 degrees, which creates some magnificent finishes on the clay. You can view the wood-fired products throughout his collections in-store or on our online shop page.

Michael's work has been featured in many magazines, newspapers, and online. For more information on these, please visit the In the Media page.


During the past few years, Michael has been approached to make special pieces for a number of non-profit organizations, which have been used to raise awareness and funds in a variety of ways, namely auctions and raffles.  Michael has also undertaken a number of projects which uses his ceramic art to raise awareness for worthy causes and members of our community here in Hampton Roads and North Carolina.


The designs of Michael Middleton evolved from his inherent love of creating artwork on a large scale. These unique and beautiful creations showcase his signature approach and his unique interpretation and diversity of the natural world. Each piece is designed and created from locally-sourced materials to your requirements and specifications. You can read more about Michael's special PROJECTS & COMMISSIONS here. If you would like a commission or have any questions at all, please contact us.

For more information about any of these special projects and commissions, use the link below.

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